Camping Cabin Rentals in the Adirondacks

Cabins must be reserved for a two-night minimum stay and must be reserved for a

3-4 night minimum stay on holiday weekends (See Rates & Dates page).

Cabin Check-In: 2:00pm / Cabin Check-Out: 11:00am

The cabins at Deer River Campsite are not the typical Camping Cabin found elsewhere. After looking at cabins in other campgrounds, we self designed and constructed our cabins to be both functional and serviceable.

Three small cabins are 12′ x 16′ and have 4′ front porches with chairs and small tables. They come equipped with a double bed, table & chairs, a “dorm type” refrigerator in a corner-shelved area, a clothing rack, a Keurig coffee maker, and a microwave. A ladder-type stairway leads to the loft that has two single mattresses. A combination ceiling fan and light also provide for comfort. We have added air conditioning to each cabin.

Two large cabins are 12′ x 20′, and have all the same features as the other three, except an increased floor area with double bed, table and refrigerator, and a larger loft area with two double mattresses.

  • Failure to accurately reserve all Adults and Children may result in additional fees, re-booking, or, in exceptional circumstances, cancellation of your reservation on arrival. Cabins have a strict occupancy policy, which we cannot and will not exceed as per our license to operate by the Department of Health.
  • No overnight visitors in cabins. Day time visitors ($ ) No dogs with visitors.
  • No tents can be added on cabin sites.
  • Management reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee if cabin policy is not followed.
  • Campers need to bring all bedding and supplies normally used on a camping trip.
  • No smoking is allowed in cabins and no open flames in cabins.
  • Microwave cooking (only) is allowed in the cabins, with a charcoal grill and fire pit available for outdoor cooking
  • Cabins have a cold water half bathroom and are located close to the main bathrooms and showers.
  • No pets allowed with reservations for cabins; No pets on cabin sites or in cabins.

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Small cabins accommodate a family of two adults and up to two youths.

exterior of New york adirondack camping cabins
interior of New york adirondack camping cabins

Large cabins accommodate a family of two adults and up to four youths.

interior of New york adirondack camping cabins